Moldova Trade Union School:

Training course for trade union leaders and activists in organizing, managing and administrating the work of a successful trade union.

The new project format "Moldova Trade Union School" (TUSM) is a continuation of the Moldova Trade Union School (model Austria), It focusses on successive trainings through mental and local trainers, the use of the experience gained during the five editions carried out and its extension as a form of trade union education for adults in the Republic of Moldova.

In the last 3 years, Moldova Trade Union School has formed a positive image across the entire trade union society, becoming a quality educational offer, fact confirmed by the beneficiaries who have already graduated the project.

Moldova Trade Union School is configured conceptually and personally so as this one is able to operate from its own financial sources of NATIONAL TRADE UNION CONFEDERATION OF MOLDOVA and to ensure the durability and sustainability of the project itself.

Projects Goal:

Professional training of a team of modern trade union leaders, developing their skills and abilities to conduct successful trade union management activities.

The target group of the training course – trade union leaders and activists willing to become qualified people in the art and science of sucessfully leading different trade union structures.

Minimum requirements to be enrolled at the course:

  • trade union activism

  • increased personal motivation to become a good trade union manager

  • college or university studies

  • responsability

  • punctuality

  • leadership skills

  • assuming the obligation to implement the skills acquired in the trade union activities.

The expected results

At the end of the 96-hours course there will form a team of skilled trade union leaders qualified in the art of leading who:

  • will know the set of theoretical and practical information on the management of a successful trade union structure;

  • will professionally develop the skills of a trade union manager;

  • will improve performances in order to effectively manage all types of material, financial and human resources of the trade union;

  • will have the skills to select the work procedures and to perform the trade unions activity programs;

  • will have the skills to manage organizational, educational and informational activities;

  • will have presentation and communication skills within a group;

  • will be able to develop strategies for planning, evaluating and controlling the work of a trade union;

  • will obtain a Certificate of the Institute of Labor nationally recognized.

Evaluation of the course results:

At the end of the course, each participant holds a written test, which will contain questions from the themes presented during the training sessions and case studies, where current situations of trade union activity will be addressed.

SESSION I. Training and managing a successful trade union organization.

SESIUNEA II. The role of the trade union in the legal and social-economic protection of employees. Social partnership.

SESIUNEA III. Communication.

SESIUNEA IV. Occupational safety and health. International trade union activities.

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Work programme

Monday - Friday : 8.30 - 17.00
Saturday:  -
Sunday:  -